Monday, 28 November 2011


Hey guyss :3 sorry for being such a bad blogger -.- It's been a tough week for me, especially this weekend. I didn't watch Cnblue concert and i didn't go to brightspot too T.T i've been waiting for that event so baaadly. But yeah  maybe it wasn't the right time :') Im gonna post my trip to Singapore about a month ago,yeayyy really miss those moments when i can go around and have fun all day long!

Twin rings w/ my cousin , only $1 cute is that?

Thai express noodle,tempting isn't it? :9
Disneyland w/ mom and my cousin

Time for city tour!

It was on the Marina Bay hotel, i wanted to see theskypark though..but it was too expensive lol ._
At Charlie Brown cafe, love those lights 


  1. pretty pictures!
    new follower

  2. Nice pics!
    I absolutely love your rings, they are so funny and original :)

  3. lovely pictures! and ofcourse, I followed you already :-)